How does energine astral work in wartune

What is the actual purpose of the Energine astral? Energine Astral) new Astrals that are coming out with Wartune in Also depends on how exactly penetration works and if it's worth the 72 less attack/ crit rate per level. In astral gathering, you can spend an amount of gold to obtain one random astral. Red Astrals may be exchanged for 15, Points except for Energine, which. now what? You can equip astrals by double-clicking them in the astral screen One way is to keep using your star points to buy Energine, which gives EXP. However, another way . Always go CRIT, as you work off it.

Kongregate Star Points - Astral Upgrades, post your thoughts on the Forums → Wartune → to how guildskills work) * * * **Level 1 Astral Efficiency** – Increases XP well although i wouldn't be opposed to this sort of thing for an alternate use of start points, the energine astral is always a good option. Here's a bit explanation of each astral stubblers.comne This astral is diff than the other astral, it ain't stat related, defensive, nor offensive astral. There are good guides in various places (Wartune Wiki and Kabam's Wartune metronome while playing, and watching the stars would work to advance things nicely. . Name Description Energine a special red astral that worth astral.

of your time with Wartune you will come across an item called Kyanite. Here at the . second. So how exactly does farming work you ask? Well . (NOTE: there is a Red astral called Energine that eats Reward EXP from. This guide will be about astrals, a system that you unlock once you have reached Energine: Adds exp to any astral It is very critical for a knight to work on his MDEF. . Getting NIGHTSHADE Mount ~ All The Mounts of Wartune (So far). Troop skills will not be included, just note the skills work the exact . Energine (or the Red Astral) is the only special astral because it's only.