How to delete a ps network account

How to Delete a PlayStation Network Account. This wikiHow teaches you how to request the permanent deletion of your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. Learn what happens when your account is closed and how to request an account closure. Without going to too many details, how do I delete my PSN account? Just to add to the above, you can't delete a PSN account, it will pretty much always exist, .

You cannot ever delete your Sony Playstation Entertainment Network or PSN account. Use the tip below to remove all your personal data from your account. Sony Computer Entertainment PS3™ Official Online Instruction Manual. Explains If there are multiple users, you can delete users who are no longer needed. If you need to delete a user, the process is very simple. Log in to your Question. What will happen to my Playstation Plus account if I do a manual factory reset?.

All the information you need to delete a SEN account. You'll need a PSN account to access most of the online features on your PS4. If you're looking to delete your account, here's how to do it.