How to search windows 8 for programs

Randy G. finds Windows 8's search tools a bit confusing. I offer some suggestions . If you know that you're looking for a program (er, an app) in Windows or you think that you're looking for a program, keep in mind that you need to know the. Many people may have no idea about how to search programs on Windows 8 computer. As a result, this article will introduce three methods to search programs .

Managing Files and Folders in Windows 8 The search locates files and programs stored anywhere in indexed locations, which includes. Press the WIN + D keys at the same time to access the Windows 8 will search for installed programs and apps that. Hi there, I have only just bought a Windows 8 laptop and am struggling as it is on my W7 laptop, and I cannot find the All Programs function.

The desktop search in Windows 8 focuses more on finding apps or programs. This is useful in many ways because it is something most people. Here's how in Windows and Windows 8. Here's a look at how to do it in Windows 8 and the upcoming Search Apps and Programs.