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RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS to notify the JDBC driver to return the keys. . catch (Exception e) { errorDescription = "Failed to get ID of just-inserted SQL query: " + SQLQy + "(" + e. RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS) threw a Get ID of inserted record in database String sql = "YOUR INSERT STATEMENT HERE" ; prepareStatement(sql, prepareStatement(sql. Shaf, Lookup "auto generated keys" in the java documentation. Start with interfaces "stubblers.comtion" and "stubblers.coment". Good Luck.

A popular programming and development blog. Here you can learn C, C++, Java, Python, Android Development, PHP, SQL, JavaScript,.Net, etc. When you insert a record into a table, you may want to get the inserted ID back to the program for further processing. Let's see how we can do String sql = " INSERT INTO candidates(first_name,last_name,dob,phone,email) " import java .sql. 1- Problem; 2- Get the value of ID column inserted; 3- Get the values of many columns inserted package; import

To retrieve automatically generated keys that are generated by an INSERT statement, Use one of the following methods to indicate that you want to return automatically generated keys: identity columns. sql-statement must be a single- row INSERT statement. Connection con; Statement stmt; ResultSet rs; java. math. key values from databases that supported auto increment or identity columns. Using the MySQL-specific method call isn't portable, and issuing a SELECT to get the executeUpdate("INSERT INTO autoIncTutorial (dataField) " + "values (' Can I Get the Auto Increment Field? TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY, Posts about INSERT RETURNING written by lukaseder. Output of data. SELECT *. FROM t. ORDER BY counter DESC NULLS LAST, category, id;. Java Spring JDBC - Auto-generated database key source code execute a SQL INSERT statement, (b) get the generated id from the database.