Where can i redeem borders gift card

A federal judge says those cards are worthless, but we know better. But not so fast! 10 things you can still do with your Borders gift cards: 1. Handy By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The rights of gift-card holders are being questioned in retail “I don't see big glaring announcements that say: Use your gift card now,” said. Borders Gift Card Balance. 65 likes. Borders Gift Card Balance Online.

You may remember that back in , people who forgot to redeem their Borders gift cards sued the company's smoldering remains and tried. Earlier this week, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that holders of Borders gift cards -- some $ million worth -- are out of luck. In a swipe at gift cards, ABC News reports that “Borders Gift Card Holders Left With Squat” despite being warned that they should redeem their.

Do you still have any gift cards left over from Borders? If you do then I Here are a few ways you could use those cards: Handy bookmarks in. He noted that before Borders shut its doors in September , shoppers could have redeemed their gift cards at liquidation sales—nearly. A Chicago plaintiff's lawyer is out to redeem some of the country's longest languishing gift cards. In a petition filed this month with the U.S. As of , it is not possible to redeem gift cards from the Borders bookstore chain, as Consumerist reports. In October , the U.S. Supreme Court declined to.