Whos hotter megan fox or adriana lima

My vote goes to Adriana Lima. Her big beautiful eyes, long dark hair, nice tan and angel like beauty. She is out of this world! Adriana Lima. Well ive seen Adriana without her fake tan and make up, she's cute. Have yet to see Megan Fox without make up so i cannot speak for her. Who's hotter: Adriana Lima or Megan Fox? Adriana Lima;Megan Fox.

Who is hotter between Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Adriana Lima. There is no "other" option because you have choose one of the above. Adriana Lima because she is so exotic and completely natural! Megan Fox tries to look like Angelina Jolie and has gotten many plastic. I don't like when people try to take away Megan Fox's beauty. They are both very pretty and attractive women but Adriana Lima is prettier. Megan Fox is overrated, and she's not even that hot anymore because she got.

Adriana Lima. Come on merely examine out her, tan epidermis, easy eyes, darkish hair, tall, eye-catching physique, comprehensive lips, and. Adriana Lima is prettier, but her body is square— so no. Her face is very beautiful Megan Fox is sexy, like pretty sexy, not beautiful sexy like Adriana Lima. But she has a way What exactly is it that makes Megan Fox so hot? 15, Views . Megan Fox has a hot face but has thumb toes. .. Im glad this is getting good attention, Along with Adriana lima these are my top 3, but I wanted. View Poll Results: Whose really hotter misc? Thread: lol at angelina jolie placing higher than megan fox AND adriana lima(poll/pics).