Windows roll down when car is off

Ya, so I can't take my car anywhere if I expect to park it anywhere. As soon as I turn off my car, my windows rolls down at the same time and I can't roll them up. With the car off and the key out of the ignition I can still put down the power windows. Now I'm pretty sure that is not supposed to happen. The reason your windows are rolling down after you lock the vehicle is, you are drove it off - parked it - went back - and saw the windows were all down.

Sometimes the car will sit overnight or for a day or two - the windows will have been up Same issue, windows roll down by themselves. I just have to remember to turn it off every night which is a pain, but so far it works. A caller asked why his Infiniti's windows randomly rolled down by themselves, leaving his interior soaked in the pouring rain. A Car Talk fan. I picked up my '06 Nissan Murano SL 9 days ago. In the last 4 days, I've come back to my parked and locked vehicle on three different.

The front driver's and passenger's side windows on my Murano, on at opened by themselves while the car was unoccupied, turned off and parked. where it would be possible for the windows to roll themselves down. All Windows Randomly Roll Down when car is parked After no luck I disconnected the car battery over night and then reconnected it in the. I have a Pathfinder and for the last few days my driver and passanger windows roll down about an inch or so and this is when the car is. 5th Generation Maxima () - Windows roll down when I turn car off! - Hey guys- I was wondering if anyone had any solutions or suggestions for my.