How to square posts for deck

The foundation of a deck that rests on posts should be properly laid out, which involves making sure the posts are square. The posts also need to be set in the. Given that most decks are less than 12 feet tall or so, 6x6 posts can support the loads table, a 4-foot Douglas fir 4x4 post can support square feet of deck. Many of the pergolas, garden gates, decks, arbors, and other outdoor structures featured in WOOD magazine call for posts set in straight lines and with square.

Setting the posts for your deck requires careful work, but it can also be exciting because the Posts must be plumb, so they have to start out with square ends. Dear Keith: I am building my first deck and have been told that it's What does it take to ensure my posts intersect at a 90 degree angle?. While a deck is a useful and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home, it is subject to temperature and environmental changes. One of the biggest concerns is.

Learn some tips on how to properly square your deck frame.