How to use mariculture vat

Vat is a block added by the Mariculture mod. It is a basic item required to make Contents. [hide]. 1 Recipe; 2 Usage; 3 Known Bugs; 4 Videos. Mariculture. The Vat is used in Mariculture to make a variety of Items, Fluids, and Blocks. The multiblock is made like so using 4 Vat blocks. is there any way to make the vat use the second recipe? I don't know if you can disable the vat, a redstone signal does nothing (while a.

fluiducts, pipes, heat resistant bottles, stick vat next to the crucible furnace And yeah, if you're using a ladle to move all that quicklime, you're. Honestly, i'd just fill the 2x2 vat up with water and quicklime. Since you can take any extra out afterwards, it's not going to matter. You can use. removeBlockRecipe(Mariculture:metals>); //Crucible Furnace InputStack, OutputFluid, OuputStack, Time in Ticks);

Mariculture ยท Mods Mariculturejar Mariculture Some remained, where I don't mind them being:P (Most of these are now vat recipes) Fixed Blood Rod not using up blood shards as normal bait. Mariculture e Report // I'm sorry, Dave. Time: 6/6/14 AM Description: Exception in world tick Posts about Mariculture written by Mr Wonka. the process: the vat does not let you pick which liquid to remove when you use a heat resistant.