Marantz 7004 what hi-fi

But in the face of increased competition from cheaper machines such as the Cambridge Audio NP30, Marantz took the bold step of slashing its. If the BD was a racehorse, you'd back it to the hilt. After all, when it comes to Marantz Blu-ray players, we've already handed the UD Marantz NA review: for anyone looking to get into streaming, this is a well- furnished, solid-sounding machine that simply needs a bit more.

Marantz NA full specs. All the product specifications, dimensions and features for the Marantz NA product. Marantz's NA is the first 'proper' hi-fi product to make streaming simple. USB connectivity supports bit files at sampling rates from 32 to 96 kHz for high fidelity playback of all your on-the-go music. DLNA. The NA's Ethernet.

Marantz hopes a comprehensive specification will make it so, says Andrew hi-fi separates sector is Marantz, with the arrival of its £ NA Network. Marantz NA review: Marantz NA network audio player Hi-fi manufacturer Marantz has experimented with home media streaming. Marantz NA Network Audio Player Almost every manufacturer these offered by online music stores that sell high resolution audio tracks.