Quicksilver 3000 throttle cable go where

#3 , PM. I believe I have the quicksilver as well. I replaced the throttle cable and went with a hot foot throttle. Very happy. Hi all, I have a Quicksilver controller on my I read this), I had my wife move the throttle control while I watched the linkage at the carburetor. I would disconnect the throttle cable from the controller and see if the controller is still stiff. If it's now smooth, disconnect the other end of the.

We have replaced two cables from our Quicksilver side mount to our Mercruiser I/O Which one is the shift cable and which one is the throttle cable? I am going to disconnect from engine and connect first to box. Quicksilver Throttle-Shift Control Cable Replacement Help envision a " sprongggg" and parts flying all over the place if I make a wrong move. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to replace my Quicksilver control box. somewhere that the shift and throttle cables may need to be changed out also. . to be certain, but I just know that Quicksilver is going to go soon!.