What does avodire hardwood

Workability: Avodire is generally regarded as having good working characteristics, and is easy to work with hand or machine tools: though wood with interlocked. Avodire is an attractive wood with a golden yellow cast and a clear grain. The sapwood is very similar in color to the heartwood, which is creamy white to pale. Avodire is an imported hardwood. Location. Avodire (Turraeanthus africanus) has a rather extensive range in Africa, from Sierra Leone westward to the Congo .

Turraeanthus africana is a species of plant in the Meliaceae (Mahogany) family, also known by the common names avodiré, apeya, engan, agbe, lusamba, Avodire wood has long been valued in furniture for its naturally lustrous surface. According to Doug Newhouse, owner of Newhouse Wood & Veneer in Hartford, CT, avodire is used primarily in veneer form in the U.S. market. Avodire Nail Holding: Good- Nails are fairly difficult to pull out; Avodire Nailing: Tends to split wood - Requires pre-drilled pilot hole; Avodire Natural Durability.

This post is about the tropical hardwood known as Avodire, among other names. It can be very plain or highly figured and beautiful, each piece is different. Over species of exotic and domestic hardwood lumber in stock! 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4, 16/4; No Avodire Lumber is available at this time. Wood Species. Products 1 - 10 of 84 Exotic Hardwoods. Show: All Manufacturers Avodire. 1" thick lumber; priced per board foot; from Africa; kiln dried. $ Buy Now. Avodire is a pale yellow African wood with a natural luster, moderate to fine texture, and very little contrast between heartwood and sapwood. A wide range of .