What does noxious weed mean

A noxious weed, harmful weed or injurious weed is a weed that has been designated by an There is controversy about the definition of weed as well as the definition of noxious weed, particularly Agricultural needs, desires, and concerns do not always mesh with those of other areas, such as pollinator nectar provision. The State and Federal Noxious Weeds List from the United States Department of Agriculture PLANTS Database. Does each state and county have different noxious weeds? Some noxious weed species are allelopathic; which means they release toxins into the soil that .

A noxious weed is any plant designated by federal, state or local government officials as injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife or property. Nov 15, The term is subjective; my pictures of "noxious" weeds explore the topic from The berries do not all ripen at the same time, meaning that a. The lists of Colorado's Noxious Weeds are located in the below table. To view more about a specific weed click on the name in blue text. If a plant name does not.

Definition Noxious adj. stubblers.coml or injurious to health or physical well-being. In the State of Washington, noxious weeds are non-native plants that have been. (Eradicating weeds means getting rid of the plants altogether, including plant roots.) The State Weed Board does not require control of Class C noxious weeds. Define noxious weed (1). noxious weed (1) synonyms, noxious weed (1) pronunciation, noxious weed (1) translation, English dictionary definition of noxious. The plants listed are prohibited noxious weeds because they are injurious to public These species must be eradicated, meaning all of the above and below .