What is food value of grapes

Additional information about the amount of these nutrients provided by Grapes can be found in the Food Rating System Chart. A link that takes you to the. Nutrition. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Grapes also contain vitamins B and A, and they are high in water content. On average, Americans eat eight pounds of grapes a year! Grapes' nutritional value and health benefits are also undeniable. Not only are grapes delicious as a .

Summary Grapes contain many important vitamins and minerals, including more than one-quarter of the RDIs for vitamins C and K. Grapes, queen of the fruits, are the storehouse of numerous health-promoting phytonutrients such as polyphenolic antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Grapes are versatile fruits used in a wide range of popular foods — from raisins to jelly to wine. They are also packed with nutrients and.

Like so many other plant-based foods, grapes can be considered healthy for a variety of reasons. They contain 17% of the daily value of vitamin. Packed with a number of nutrients and vitamins, grapes are unarguably one of the healthiest additions you can make to your diet. According to. Nutrition Data's opinions and ratings are based on weighted averages of the nutrient densities of those nutrients for which the FDA has established Daily Values. One serving of grapes is ½ cup, and there are about 16 grapes in ½ cup. It is not unusual for people to consume more than one serving o.