You make no sense whatsoever

"This makes no sense" means that the speaker cannot construct a rational the particular situation (whatever "this" is) should be true or reasonable, is stating your opinion that in you in particular cannot get any sense out of. If you get to the end of an episode and there isn't a large section that makes no sense whatsoever, quickly chuck in a double-bluff, mysterious phonecall and. 1 verb You can use make with a wide range of nouns to indicate that someone performs an action or says something. For example, if you make a suggestion.

would make no sense whatsoever meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, 1 modal You use would when you are saying what someone believed. Is making any kind of assumptions about an individual based on societal norms ok Originally Answered: What social norm has never made any sense to you?. Do you ever just sit there and wonder where all of those phrases you hear all the time actually come from? No? You're lying. You totally do. Having a gander.

Top 20 lyrics that just make no sense whatsoever. Part of the beauty of karaoke is that you can actually see what words you're meant to be. 15 signs that make no sense whatsoever 06/15When you such at making decisions. When you such at 07/15Why you make no sense. We're making memes smarter. So can you. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get started. Great characters make great movies.