3m reflective ink how to measure

3M™ Reflective Ink for Textiles – is a low-intensity retroreflective screen printing ink It was measured by 3M on new product using the instructions. Recommendations for screen printing inks to be used on 3M™ Scotchlite™ B. Standard Test Methods Measuring Adhesion by Tape Snap Test followed. When correct proportions are mixed and appropriately applied to an absorbent fabric, 3M reflective ink for textiles – gray will provide a low-intensity.

Im also VERY interested in where to i can find 3M ink! Thanks in advance! 3M ™ Reflective Ink for Textiles - Series Inks are composed. It's definitely the ink, I was emailed the link by 3M. It's the reflective material ink which is £ for litres. How did you find the Optilux. 3M Reflective Ink - Gray. 3M Reflective Ink - Gray - Gallon. MW Part. MMM - Sold by the Gallon. Log in to See Price. Or call a .

We use a special ink with reflective particles in it that is pateneted by 3M. This ensures visibilty at night when lights are shown on it. this bulletin. See the Warranty matrix to determine which Compatible Products are approved for your 3M™ Scotchlite™ Screen Printing Ink Series