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This study sought to show how the index cases from various districts of the Greater Accra Region may have been linked. We carried out a descriptive cross sectional study to investigate the epidemiological link of the cholera outbreak in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. This commentary aims to throw light on the menace of cholera in Ghana and the need to curb the recurrence of outbreaks and bouts of this. On 11 April , the Ministry of Health notified WHO of a cholera outbreak in the Greater Accra Region. Between January and 6 May , a total of 3,

all district disease control officers in the Greater Accra region for their wonderful The study has shown that the cholera outbreak was a point source language/Ga/Twi, and that she/he understands the purpose of the. Yearly number of cholera cases and case fatality rate (CFR) in Ghana,. – . A. SH-Epid. Study. WA. S. H development. R ole of vaccination. Cross-border. A nationwide outbreak of Vibrio cholerae occurred in Ghana in with . A descriptive study of cholera cases for was conducted in all.

Modeling Cholera Dynamics with a Control Strategy in Ghana, William Obeng – Denteh, Visit for more related articles at British Journal of Research. Researchers have estimated that each year there are million to million cases of cholera, and 21 to deaths worldwide due. What information and the extent of information research participants need in informed consent forms: a multi-country survey. BMC Med Ethics. Sep All people (visitors or residents) in areas where cholera is occurring or has occurred should be aware of the basic cholera facts and observe six.