What is facebook meme

From women sharing their bra colors to college students lying down in odd places, these eight Facebook memes are tough to forget. Looking for hilarious memes that go viral on Facebook? No problem. Here's the # 1 most viral memes posted by 12 pages dedicated to posting funny memes. Memes. likes · talking about this. The worlds official source for memes. stubblers.com [email protected] for any.

By Lada Adamic1, Thomas Lento1, Eytan Adar2 and Pauline Ng3. A meme is an idea that is readily transmitted from person to person. But we humans are not. Memes that make you go "What the heck". likes · talking about this. Haha what the heck is this meme bro? Haha!. Memes. likes · talking about this. Just For Fun.

Know Your Meme. likes · talking about this. The World's Largest Internet Meme Database. When compared to other social media sites, Facebook has a much larger potential reach for "memes" (ideas that people can't help sharing with. The hyper-specific private meme groups of Facebook are social media's best inside joke.