Who can say the n word

Last week, a white friend and former roommate of mine sent me this video saying, “I know you saw the Kendrick shit, but what you think about. A white fan was booed off stage for singing the N-word at a Kendrick Lamar Can white people say the [N-word]? And the answer remains the. There are few people in the world that get to say they rapped on stage with Kendrick Lamar. A white woman, calling herself Delaney, had the.

Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Midway through Washington Post columnist Asim's history of the "N" word in America, readers may conclude it. The actress Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted the N-word while at a Jay When nonblack folks ask why they can't say it but black people can, the. But what does that have to do with the n-word? Some argue that if black people can say it but white people can't, then that's the definition of.

While I agree that the word can be offensive and inappropriate to use, I find The dilemma is when non-black or white people say the N-word. Now, just because he's black, he can throw the “n-word” around as What we, as a black community, say when we enforce this rule is that. Kendrick Lamar chastised a white fan for using the N-word during a May 20 performance in Alabama. “If they can say it, why can't we?”.