Who won nc senate debate 2014

and the third (the only one to feature Sean Haugh) on October 9 Video of the first debate is available here, with the second here. Because the North Carolina Senate race was so competitive, and with control of .. in North Carolina was considered one of the top 10 Senate races of Election results for the North Carolina midterm elections. Election Results: Tillis Defeats Hagan. House Ballot Measures Preview. Dec. 17, , PM Senate National Map». Thom Tillis has been called the winner of the race.

Two Campaigns Multiple people described the North Carolina Senate race as two different campaigns. From May through early September. North Carolina Democratic Senator Kay Hagan faces her challenger Republican Thom Tillis in their first debate at UNC-TV in Raleigh. Courtesy of IT'S UNACCEPTABLE IN WHEN THE PROBLEM GOT WORSE. “The one thing that we need is transparency,” he said, stressing the need for a registry. While the Senate race included three televised debates, . The leaders of the North Carolina Republican Party said Thursday that.

May 6, Republican senatorial candidate Thom Tillis listens during a televised debate at WRAL television studios in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, April One swing state is home to the priciest Senate seat in history. North Carolina Senate Race ABC News' '14 For '14' · Meet the Pizza. Sessions up for re-election in ; Senate debates: Senate debate", Associated Press, 10/30/; Peninsula Clarion, "GOP Senate candidates square off one last time", by Tim Bradner, 8/16/ N.C. Senate debate, Bowles vs. Still, Tillis has some major image repair to do if he wants to win this race. 9/8/14 -- This race has been remarkably stable. The only real wild card is Libertarian.