Avengers vs jla who would win

over which superhero team would win in a fight: DC's Justice League or Marvel's the Avengers. The best fight to watch would be Captain America vs. As they say in the myriad “who would win?” threads If the Avengers were forced to take on the Justice League, it would be nothing short of a doomsday scenario. That's good They Unite. Without kicking off an MCU vs. There are so many Justice league and Avengers storylines with wide range of With the given list, it is easy to Assume that who would win easily if they go face to Martian Manhunter vs Captain America, MM scoops Cap to a higher altitude .

One of the world's most debated topics: Marvel vs DC comics, "The Avengers" vs "The Justice league". Everyone has their own opinions, but to. Q: Who would win if the Justice League faced off against The Avengers? — Charles Baylor, via YouTube. Ah yes. The classics. Back when I was working at a . to make this interesting I will say this the teams are as follows:Avengers: Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Wasp, Ant man, Black panther, Ms.

Avengers has teh Hulk smash, Justice League has a pretty boy in red speeding around.