How to derestrict a moped carburetors

Ever wondered how to derestrict a 50cc scooter and make it go faster? rings, exhaust dummy pipes and carburetor opening restrictions. One of my sons friends has one of these aweful Chinese mopeds that he wants to (attempt) to derestrict. It's a Force . The restriction was a throttle stop screw that prevented the carb opening fully so it would only do 50kmh. Below is an example of derestricting an aprilla SR50 scooter, these methods will be the same for all scooters, but on yours the bolts may be in a slightly different.

There are a number of ways to make a scooter go faster. You can derestrict it, change the carburettor, add a performnce exhaust, increase the capacity, install a . Below is a link on a website which says i can derestrict it by cutting a wire restrictor, maybe a carb washer restrictor and a drive belt restrictor. This can be done by jetting the existing carb or putting on a bigger carb. .. After derestricting my bike I noticed not only an observed mph increase in speed.

First, derestrict it. Scooters in the USA have various hacks installed to keep the bike under 30 MPH. Most of them restrict Find the fuel/air screw on the carburetor and experiment with it to find the optimal setting. Most scooters are set too.