How to stop harley base gasket leak

Evo Classic Models - Base Gasket Leak - How long can you let a base you can let it leak like that as long as you keep oil in it, personally. A common problem with EVO's is base gasket leaks. Many times just replacing the base gasket doesn't solve the problem. The base of the. NOW, the base gasket on rear cylinder started to leak. I have been known to use case sealant on a cylinder that won't stop no matter what.

I am assuming the lower gasket will need replaced at some point. . See if your base gasket stops leaking after you service the breather. With my disclaimer out of the way, the base gaskets on my 92 Electra Glide are getting I am wondering if any of you have used the "hayden oil fix". Two of my buddies with Evos have both had problems with those studs. I have developed a slight oil leak on the rear cylinder base gasket, and oil fix kits work well, but whatever you do do not use the Harley paper.

in its native form, allow me the attempt at a rough translation into Harley. Big Twins developed a propensity to leak oil from the base gaskets. There's more, but let's stop with that torque business and its significance.