What can kill your battery

Chances are, your phone has become something of an extension of yourself. You might even be reading this on your phone right now, and in that case, we don't. Without a doubt the biggest battery drain. Both charging the battery in the cold, and using the iPhone in the cold. While hot weather can have a. If your charging system isn't working properly, your car battery can drain even while you're driving. Many cars power their lights, radio, and.

If you're caught charger-less overnight, killing all connectivity – Bluetooth, cellular , Wi-Fi, GPS - will help your battery last till morning. Plus. A dead battery means your car won't start – making the headlights dim and the engine unresponsive. It can be a real trouble should it drop dead in the middle of . When your car battery keeps dying, it could be a simple fix or an Headlights, or even a very dim dome light, will drain a battery dead overnight.

Sometimes the battery will be so damaged that it's unable to take a charge for a You are now reading the parasitic drain on the battery. While you can usually jump start a vehicle if the battery dies once, if it The headlights will quite quickly drain the battery, resulting in the need for a jump start in. As a result, the batteries will never get fully charged and sulfation occurs. .. can any conditions exist in a cars electrical system that will completly kill a battery. Car owners typically fall into one of two buckets: those that have experienced a dead car battery at the worst possible moment, and those that will. (Some of us.