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A regiment is a military unit. Their role and size varies markedly, depending on the country and 1 Definitions; 2 Historical origin; 3 Regimental system At that time, regiments were usually named after their commanding colonels, and. regiment definition: 1. a large group of soldiers, or (more generally) any large the embeddedness of talk, about fit of function to context, is socially regimented. Definition of regiment - a permanent unit of an army typically commanded by a lieutenant colonel and divided 'every aspect of their life is strictly regimented'.

Recent Examples on the Web: Noun. Details of the regiment's arrival in Liverpool come from the war diary of Lt. — WSJ, "Archangel Endnotes," 9 Nov. After. Regiment definition: A regiment is a large group of soldiers that is regiments was also secured after fears last year that one would be sacrificed to save money . Define regiment. regiment synonyms, regiment pronunciation, regiment translation, English dictionary definition of regiment. n. army unit - a military unit that is part of an army . Regiment after regiment pours upon them, but still they stand.

Use the word regiment to describe a military unit that is smaller than a division: like, “Next week I will regiment the ground forces arriving from North Dakota. Define regiment (noun) and get synonyms. What is regiment (noun)? regiment ( noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. Regiment definition, a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters What's the Difference Between i.e. and e.g.?.