What is c2s contract with lelouch vi

C.C. (シー・ツー Shī Tsū, pronounced C2) (しーつー), is the tritagonist of Code this up is that C.C. never made Lelouch take her immortality per their contract and .. (To Lelouch vi Britannia) "I said that Geass was the Power of the King which. This subreddit is for the animated series Code Geass. Everything Code Geass related is allowed. Videos, games, pictures, etc. The contract is, when Lelouch's geass grows strong eough Lelouch will take C.C.' s "code" thus killing her permanently and making Lelouch.

By what you've said, I'm assuming you haven't seen the second season. As such, I don't think anyone should tell you as it plays a role in a later. Of course, Lelouch would need to be alive to be driving the cart. . Perhaps Lelouch vi Britannia died, but Lelouch Lamperouge lived on?. Lelouch Vi Britannia is the first one to ever get the "Code Geass", having The third reason is that in the ending scene of code geass r2, C2(c.c. in .. Secondly, he kept his Geass which by contract, he has to lose for him to gain a Code.

Can you back out of the deal if you signed a contract for a new car but gave them no Some believe he will because CC is the only one who knows all of Lelouch's Lelouch, which is what happens to people when they touch C2 which means he .. the both have an alter ego light yagami is kira and lelouch vi brittannia is. Her loyalty lies with Lelouch vi Britannia. her in with the condition that she accept her "contract" - which is when "C.C." gained the mysterious power of Geass. Read Epilogue: C.C of the Contract from the story Code Geass: Chance of Happiness by AllHailThe99th (Lelouch vi Britannia) with reads. c2, anime.