When i squeeze my legs together

I Can Only Orgasm Squeezing My Legs Together. Profile picture for user Betty Dodson. Betty Dodson. Submitted on Wed, 08/03/ - Log in or register . I'm 18F and I've been doing this since I was probably 5 years old. Basically I cross my legs while laying down or when I sit and use my muscles. There are women out there who are able to reach their sexual climax and feel the pleasure of an orgasm by this means. Most likely, by.

Some are stimulating their genitals with one or both hands pressed between legs that are tightly squeezed together while lying face down on. Q. When I was a little girl I found that if I squeezed my legs together by crossing them, I could get an orgasm. The problem is that I am 30 now. However, I have found the the only way I have been able to successfully reach an orgasm is by squeezing my legs tightly together. I can usually do this in under.

I have had sex only a few times but my girlfriend was small and hence I almost had And a lot of girls squeeze the thighs and stretch the legs while cumming. I'm a virgin girl, and I've been masterbating by squeezing my legs together repeatively until I orgasm. Is this wrong? Will it do anything to harm. Someone from Banner Elk posted a whisper, which reads "If I squeeze my legs together and grind my hips slowly, I can have an orgasm. It's amazing! ".