Who played beth on rockford files

Gretchen Hoyt Corbett (born August 13, ) is an American actress known for playing the role of Beth Davenport on the television series The Rockford Files from In Corbett joined the cast of NBC's The Rockford Files where she played Beth Davenport, the beleaguered lawyer and sometimes lover of. Gretchen Corbett, Actress: The Rockford Files. Gretchen Gail Stern. The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play (TV Movie) Beth (Davenport) Van Zandt. After a late night phone call Beth hires Jim to look for a missing friend who eventually turns up dead. The dead woman worked for a fashion designer who is .

Jim helps one of Beth's clients, who is being swindled out of his business. Michael Ansara guest stars in this Rockford Files episode where he plays an ex- con. Beth turns to Jim for help when she finds herself being mentally harassed by a mysterious man The Rockford Files (–) Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford ( as Noah Beery) One of the players is wearing his wristwatch on his left wrist. Beth Davenport on "The Rockford Files" is one of the most beloved characters on the series. Gretchen Corbett played her to perfection. Here are some.

Her Rockford Files character, Beth Davenport, was a lawyer and occasional lover of the series' main character, Jim Rockford, who was played by actor James. ABOVE PHOTO: Gretchen Corbett returned to the Rockford Files to play Jim Rockford's attorney Beth (Davenport) Van Zandt - The new last. “Gretchen Corbett as Beth Davenport in The Rockford Files ” The Rockford Files, Files” - starring James Garner. shown in the lower left corner played.